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What is Prized?

A short film written and directed by Jason Carley, Prized tells the story of a star boxer, Sam Carraway, played by Stephen "tWitch" Boss, who must redeem himself after doing prison time for assaulting a referee.

Dead broke and banned from professional boxing, Sam goes to a place he knows well from his youth--an underground bare-knuckle boxing arena. Set in a grungy, downtown LA warehouse, this is the dirtiest fighting you can imagine. No rules. No medics. No TV cameras. Just a lot of testosterone and pent-up rage.

After a conversation with Charlie, played by Eric Michael Cole, the greedy scumbag who runs this underground world, Sam agrees to throw the biggest fight of the night for a nice chunk of change. But losing the fight will mean swallowing his pride and putting himself into a potentially deadly match. Will Sam ultimately swallow his pride enough to throw the big fight and risk his life? Or will he snap back into his violent, thoughtless past?

As it turns out, there's much more on the line here than just Sam's career...

Funded by Kickstarter

You all have played a part in this amazing production! Thank you for helping the story of Prized in the most artful, cinematic way possible by supporting us on Kickstarter. We have shot on the Red Epic, which has been used to film major Hollywood movies like The Social Network, District 9, and The Amazing Spiderman. We've also utilized stunning locations in downtown Los Angeles--including a Fight Club-worthy 4,000-square foot warehouse, and a hospital sound stage. But we aren't done yet! We will be providing updates in the coming weeks as we prepare for the next stage of the production.

Jason's vision is to craft this short film into a piece that can make a run in the biggest film festivals in the world--to produce a final product that will stack up against the best of the best. Ultimately, we want Prized to be Academy Award eligible for 2014.

A Film By

Jason Carley “Prized” Stephen ‘tWitch’ Boss Eric Michael Cole

of Photography

Brandon Widener


Jacob Patrick


Written and
Directed By

Jason Carley


Jonny Jay

Coming in Summer 2013